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My Record

Country & Community

My lifetime of serving my country and community helped me truly assimilate the motto “Service before Self.”  I understand the strength and courage it takes command men in battle.  I am also the one candidate who understands the courage it takes to withstand pressure from lobbyists and leadership on controversial votes to best serve my constituents in rural Arizona.


Ensign Noel Campbell flying UH-1B helicopter gunships in Mekong Delta in support of the U.S. Navy Riverine Forces, 1968.

Apollo 13 Recovery

LT. JG Noel Campbell was a member of the space module recovery team during his five years of active duty in the U.S. Navy, 1970.

U.S. Customs Service

Noel Campbell spent 27 years (1971-1998) as a Special Agent/Pilot working in Drug Interdiction along the Mexican Border. He is shown standing next to a AH-1G Cobra helicopter he was flying as part of the U.S. Customs Service Air Interdiction effort to combat illegal drugs.


During 22 years of Naval Service, Commander Noel Campbell USNR-R received numerious commendations: Bronze Star, U.S. Air Medal with 16 Flight Strike Awards, U.S. Presidential Unit Citation, U.S. Vietnam Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Cross Of Gallantry and the National Defense Medal.

Elect Noel Campbell!

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