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Noel Campbell

Senate Candidate

" The 10th Amendment was put into the Constitution for a reason: to protect the states and the people. "

Politicians need to remember the power lies with the people.  And if the government isn’t doing their job — or doing jobs which don’t belong to them — then it is up to “we the people” to take back our power.

I am the strong conservative who will both represent and answer to the people.  Since the radical left won’t, it’s up to “we the people” to:

Legislative Ratings

Platform & Issues

What I Believe

The federal government, governors, even mayors — in the name of public health and “following the science” — are in the process of stripping away our Constitutional rights.

That is why we need strong state legislators.  We ARE the firewall against government over-reach.

Election Integrity

Every citizen who is entitled to vote should be able to do so in a secure and efficient manner, and those votes must be counted quickly and accurately.  Those who are not entitled to vote must not be allowed to do so.  The left wants us to lose faith in the election process so we will stop participating in it.

I’ll fight to make it easy to vote and impossible to cheat, with laws and punishments that protect our voter rolls and election systems.


I am the only candidate with 27 years of front-line experience fighting the drug runners and cartels for the U.S. Customs Service Air Interdiction unit with Mexico, and in Central and South America.  But the 2021 border crisis is unlike anything I’ve seen before.  The Biden administration rescinded most of Trump’s successful immigration policies and are pro-actively working to encourage lawlessness on our border.

I know our borders can be secured if sufficient resources and political willpower are dedicated to this effort.  Given the global (including pandemic) threats we face, securing our border can no longer be a partisan issue.  If state legislatures ban together, we can pass laws to stop the Federal government’s release of illegals into small communities due to national security, economic, and health threats to our society.

Protecting Taxpayers

Government costs money.  But we all know it shouldn’t cost as much as it does.  That’s why I worked so hard to reduce taxes on Arizona taxpayers and small businesses.  If you give government less money, you force it to focus more on the things it must do, and starve it of the money it would waste on things it should not be doing.

As conservatives, we know we have to pay for our highways, roads, infrastructure, public safety, and other essential things and services.  We also know liberals want to pass along the costs of their unworkable ideas to the taxpayers.

I believe that government spending should only be as high as necessary while being as low as possible.  I’m the only candidate running with awards from pro-taxpayer groups because of my voting record of cutting taxes and protecting taxpayers.


If there was any silver lining to the Covid pandemic, parents saw and heard the indoctrination taking place in our schools.  I am absolutely opposed to any Critical Race Theory taught to our children.  It has a corrosive effect on how children view themselves and the country they live in.

To distort everything with the lens of racism ignores what the United States has done for her citizens and the world.  I am the only candidate with a proven 100% voting record in support of school choice, parental rights, and local control.  I have won the “Friend of the Family” award every year in office.

Second Amendment

I am your pro safety, pro self-defense, pro freedom state legislator. That is why I have a proven 100% pro-2nd Amendment voting record.

I fully support the right of the people to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article II Section 22 of the Arizona Constitution which states, “The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state shall not be impaired.”

Public Safety

With careers in both law enforcement and firefighting, I fully understand the toll these careers take on our first responders to protect Arizonans.  I back the blue and oppose any movement to Defund the Police as delusional.

And our fire departments know I will ensure they have sufficient resources (including ambulances) necessary to serve our community.

Pro Family

I believe in the sanctity of life and am the only candidate with a proven 100% pro-life voting record.  I also oppose Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity (SOGI) laws as they undermine Free Speech, Religious Freedom, and Women’s rights.  For example, to allow biological males to compete against daughters and granddaughters erodes hard-fought victories for equality in women’s sports.

Water Sustainability

Water issues are critical, not just in LD-1, but throughout Arizona. That is why I spend a great deal of time working on legislation that deals with water.

Common sense proposals include:

1) Conservation
Since most residential water use is for landscaping, we need to promote low water-use plants and the benefits of rain water harvesting.

2) Recycling
The Sundog and Airport plants are on-line and re-charge approximately 4.5 million gallons/day of recycled water back into the aquifer at this time. These sorts of projects ought to be encouraged.

3) Augmentation
Long-term solutions to our perpetual water shortage could include forest stewardship, watershed management, public lands management, and transporting water from outside sources.

Economic Prosperity

While I was in the State House, our efforts to make Arizona a better place to live and work paid off. During that time, we helped Arizona become an economic powerhouse. More out-of-state employers moved their companies here and our existing employers grew at rates far faster than national averages.

This means more jobs for Arizonans and that is great news. We need to continue improving our economic environment and infrastructure in rural Arizona especially, because recoveries take longer to reach rural Arizona.

Elect Noel Campbell!

Arizona State Senate
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