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The federal government, governors, even mayors — in the name of public health and “following the science” — are in the process of stripping away our Constitutional rights.

That is why we need strong state legislators.  We ARE the firewall against government over-reach.

" My word is my bond. "


My entire career has been spent in service to my country and community: first as a Naval Commander, then as a U.S. Customs agent fighting the drug cartels, as a helicopter and tanker pilot fighting fires for the U.S. Forest Service, and lastly as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives.  In my years of service, I learned the values of teamwork and cooperation.  And I take these qualities with me wherever my life leads.

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona in a family of law enforcement officers. I graduated from St. Mary’s High School and later attended Arizona State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business in 1965.  I was fortunate to spend my third year of college at the National University of Mexico where I fell in love with Mexican culture and learned to speak and write fluent Spanish.

A year after I graduated from college, in the height of the Vietnam War, I volunteered for Naval Flight Training.  I received my Wings of Gold after completing my aircraft carrier landing phase in March, 1968.  In response to the needs of the Navy and the direction of the war, I volunteered for helicopter training and learned to fly the UH-1B Helicopter Gunship.  I joined my squadron, the Seawolves, and spent a year in the Mekong Delta flying close-contact air support for the Navy Seals, PBR Riverine Forces, and Army Special Forces.  After my tour in Vietnam, I remained on active duty until 1971.  At the end of the first Gulf War in 1991, I retired from the Naval Reserves as a Commander (05).

During my years of military service, I received the following commendations:

  • Bronze Star
  • U.S. Air Medal with 16 Flight Strike Awards
  • U.S. Presidential Unit Citation
  • U.S. Vietnam Services Medal
  • Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry
  • National Defense Ribbon

In 1970 I had the honor of serving on the Apollo 13 space module recovery team.

After retiring from the Navy, I began work as an agent for the U.S. Customs Service/Department of the Treasury.  For over ten years I worked with Mexico, and in Central and South America combating the illegal drug trade infiltrating our country.  I also worked along the borders in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and California in cooperation with the Border Patrol, ATF, and the Department of Immigration.  Also during this time, I served at the Pentagon as the Customs Liaison in the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  It is here I received my first exposure to politics when the military joined the drug war.  I ended my exciting career with the Customs Service upon reaching the mandatory retirement age of 57 in 1998.

In 1999 I began fighting forest fires as a tanker pilot, air attack pilot, and helicopter pilot for the U.S. Forest Service.  In this position I learned a great deal about our natural resources and how to protect them, including forest stewardship which can both prevent wildfires and create jobs.

Finally, I served as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives from 2015 until 2021.  During my tenure at the House, we balanced our budget, cut taxes, reduced regulations, and made Arizona one of the fastest growing economies in the country.  We expanded school choice, protected our constitutional rights, including the right to life, and pushed back against federal overreach. I am most proud of the passage of my Sober Homes Legislation.  At the time, Prescott was inundated by over 200 such homes, many run by unscrupulous owners.  My bill raised the standard of care for those seeking help with their addiction, while giving neighbors the power to live without being disturbed.  As a result, the number of sober homes in Prescott now numbers less than 30, and they are doing better work than ever.

I secured funds for the Prescott Municipal Airport, the widening of I-17, and fought to make the Granite Dells the largest municipal park in Arizona.  I secured legislation to end government subsidies for alternate fuel vehicles, served as committee chair of a pension reform task force to draw attention to the deficiencies of our public pension system, and was (and remain) a champion of protecting rural water rights.

My wife, Mary Beth and I, along with our Tibetan Terriers, live in Prescott because we love the area, its history, and its natural beauty.  We have the great fortune to live in a historic home listed in the National Register.  We also own a small business in town.  Continued service to our Prescott area community keeps us both busy and mindful of our strong responsibility to all our residents.  We live to serve, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue my good work in the State Senate.

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