Kuknyo's Retraction to Zipperman's Attorney

Dear Mr. Mitchell:

On behalf of Noel Campbell’s Campaign Committee, I am issuing a clarification and formal retraction of a misstatement contained in an April 25th video interview with Mr. Campbell and his wife, Mary Beth.

The purpose of the video was clear on its face: to address issues relating to the emotional and psychological stress placed on their personal lives, marriage, and the tragic loss of their son, Christian, by the prolonged COVID-19 shutdown.

The video mistakenly referred to a newsletter but was actually on, and still is on, multiple social website post such as Facebook, Getter, Telegram and Hub issued by the Zipperman campaign which provided links to the Tucson Weekly article with links to these sites on his website. That article discussed an alleged incident in which Mary Beth accused Noel of “domestic violence” and claimed he was “in the early stages of dementia.” In fact, Mr. Campbell was never charged with domestic violence and is not suffering from dementia.

The Tucson Weekly article made no reference to Christian’s suicide. In the editing process of the video, that important context was omitted. Regrettably, referring to the Zipperman social media posts implied that Mr. Zipperman had made a disrespectful reference to their son’s suicide. In fact, Mr. Zippererman did not do so. As Mr. Campbell’s campaign manager, and as the host of the videotaped interview, I am issuing this formal apology and retraction for that inadvertent misstatement and innuendo.

As you know, Mr. Campbell has terminated his campaign for the state senate. However, we are posting this statement on Mr. Campbell’s campaign website which we will maintain for the next thirty days. We are also forwarding a copy to the Yavapai County Republican Party. You have permission to use this statement in any way you deem appropriate.

Chris Kuknyo