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Elect Noel Campbell for Arizona State Senate

A Strong Nation Starts at Home!

Strong state legislators are the firewall against government overreach.

Protecting the Arizona We Love!

You may know that I served six years in the State House before returning to the private sector. Now, with Senator Karen Fann retiring, I’ve been asked to take my conservative record back to the Legislature and help finish the job when it comes to important issues like election integrity, border security, expanding school choice, forest health and water, improving our transportation and more.

These issues are important. But what really brings me back is how hard the radical left is working to fundamentally change our country. Some days I wake up and don’t recognize the country I served my entire life.

The federal government, governors, even mayors — in the name of public health and “following the science” — are in the process of stripping away our Constitutional rights. Normal meanings of words are purposefully twisted to achieve a political agenda. Biological males are competing against our daughters and granddaughters in school sports. And now too many are afraid to speak or act because of cancel culture.

That is why we need strong state legislators. We ARE the firewall against government overreach.

I’m sure many candidates will run for this office, but I’m the one candidate with a lifetime of service to my country and community, PLUS a conservative legislative track record of getting things accomplished.

I hope you’ll volunteer and donate, and I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about me!

— Noel Campbell
Platform & Issues

The Power Lies with "We the People"

Politicians need to remember the power lies with the people.  And if the government isn’t doing their job — or doing jobs which don’t belong to them — then it is up to “we the people” to take back our power.

I am the strong conservative who will both represent and answer to the people.


If state legislatures ban together, we can pass laws to stop the Federal government’s release of illegals into small communities due to national security, economic, and health threats to our society.


If there was any silver lining to the Covid pandemic, parents saw and heard the indoctrination taking place in our schools. I am absolutely opposed to any Critical Race Theory taught to our children.

Pro Family

I believe in the sanctity of life and am the only candidate with a proven 100% pro-life voting record.


I’ll fight to make it easy to vote and impossible to cheat, with laws and punishments that protect our voter rolls and election systems.

Elect Noel Campbell!

Arizona State Senate
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